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AI-assisted Simulation


How Automotive Simulation Engineers can benefit from Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

It is a challenging time for the automotive industry. Digitalization, Electromobility and Autonomous Driving are transforming the automotive landscape. Today, as never bevor, an intelligent virtual development process and short innovation cycles are necessary to stay competitive with rapidly growing product complexity. New ways are being explored to handle upcoming trends as well as social, environmental and regulatory requirements. Despite theories of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have existed since over six decades, the automotive industry is still only at the beginning of the AI disruption. The use of simulation in combination with data science and AI technologies can become a true game changer in the development process. It can take simulation to a new level. Therefore, we would like to give this dynamic research and development area a platform for the exchange of the latest approaches and methods. Our simpulse day series "AI-assisted Simulation" regularly highlights individual simulation domains and show how AI methods can add real value to the virtual development process. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and participate in our discussion forum.



#1  |  2022-11-15   |  Validation of Automated Driving Functions  |  Remote

#2: |  2023-05-23   |  Computational Fluid Dynamics  |  Remote

#3 |   2023-06-13   |  Crash-Simulation | Remote

#4  |  tba  |  

Would you like to share your industrial challenge, research approach, or simulation technology with the community? We invite you to contribute with a presentation (25min) to our simpulse days. Please submit your lecture title and abstract (max. 3000 characters) to events@asc-s.de


  • R&D Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Simulation Managers
  • Business Development Managers

with the focus on AI-assited simulation for automotive applications. 



  • gain stimulating impulses and informative insights into the latest methods, software tools and best practices from the perspective of scientists, software vendors and end users

  • discuss future challenges and solution approaches within an unique expert community

  • network and collaborate with other experts to intesivate business relationships and start new research projects closing methodological gaps