Simulation 4.0
Consistent Development Processes along the Automotive Supply Chain

10 July 2018  |  10.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Growth opportunities through digitization of the supply chain.

The future added value for small and medium-sized suppliers to the automotive industry lies in the digital development and production process. Since the first use of virtual simulation techniques in the development process of large German companies in the 1980s, numerical simulation has become an equal partner to design and testing with high forecast quality. Depending on the application field, expensive or time-consuming prototypes can be replaced. Above all, the German automotive industry is regarded as a financial driver of new simulation methods and data processes. It can afford highly specialized simulation experts and tools in an increasing number of application areas. This demand will continue to grow in the future and will give an additional boost to industry 4.0. In this context, the term simulation 4.0 can be understood as a development and production-accompanying pillar, which is characterized by a forward-looking data and process consistency. Thus, the full potential of digitization in medium-sized enterprises can be raised in the sense of a directional innovation process. Only virtual simulation methods can meet these increasing demands for flexibility, shortening of development times, cost reduction and individualization. Especially in the medium-sized supplier industry there is still considerable potential. So far, simulation methods have been understood as problem-oriented insulations. At the corporate level, it will become increasingly important to integrate digital development processes across departments and corporate boundaries and to offer new, data-driven business models. A lack of simulation methods and digital processes as well as the knowledge of feasibility and limits are a barrier to innovation. The simpulseday  Simulation 4.0 - Consistent Development Processes along the Automotive Supply Chain will show and discuss how automotive OEMs, suppliers and SMEs will gain growth opportunities through a consistent digital development chain.

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Topical Key Points

Simulation 4.0 • Virtual Vehicle Development •  Digitization • Digital Fingerprint • Digital Twin • Simulation Data Management • Data Consistency • Data Exchange • Data Repository • Data Reduction • Data and Process Security • Protecting Intellectual Property •  Supply Chain • SMEs • automotive OEMs • Industry 4.0 • Numerical Simulation • CAE • VR • Cloud Computing • High Performance Computing • Digital Engineering Workflows • Lean Engineering • Remote Access • Simulation Apps •  Software Interfaces • Standardization   





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